Yikes! 211!

Posted on April 28, 2011


Noon on Thursday.  Time for lunch.  I love to eat and always look forward to meals and snacks. 

I always test before a meal or snack and two hours post meal/snack.  And I was surprised when my bloodsugar reading today was 211 prelunch.  Yikes!  What is up with that? For me, 70-120 is ideal. 

It is that time of the month (sorry guys), and I did try a new type of cereal this morning.  Hmmmm…And sometimes, there is just no simple explanation.  I wanted to share this with you because diabetes and people are not perfect.  We are gonna have good moments and not so good moments.  And frustration. 

I obviously, do not like the high bloodsugar reading, and immediately bolused Novolog insulin from my Medtronic Paradigm insulin pump into my belly. 

To be honest, I have learned to accept the occassional high blood sugar, but they do scare me.  I do not want to have complications from diabetes.  So far, I have been blessed and have not had any complications after having diabetes for 38 years.  Yay!  Whew!  But, I do all I can to ensure those complications will not sneak up on me. 

And one of the things I do a heck of a lot  is checking my bloodsugar frequently (10 plus times a day).  Since I am so active and eat every three hours, I find it is the only way to truly monitor what is going on with my bloodsugars. 

Testing does not even phase me anymore.  I always have my blood testing machine (One Touch Ultra Link) on me.  A lot of times I can actually tell what my bloodsugar level is based on how I feel, but I always confirm with a test.  Guess it is reassurance for me.  I don’t even use the finger pricker anymore.  I just grab a lancet and prick my finger on my own. 

Actually, I am thankful that testing has been made so easy.  The supplies (test strips) are pretty expensive, but I have to have them.  Hoping insurance companies will eventually realize that prevention costs less than complications.  Testing is a form of prevention. 

Well, I do not want to get off on tangents like health insurance. 

I did want to say something about the frustration of having a high bloodsugar.    Years ago, I probably would have freaked out for a bit, overcompensated by giving too much insulin, and then bottomed out a few hours later.  Now, I find it best to take a manageable correction dose of insulin (via my pump), and then I try and figure out what may have caused the high bloodsugar so I can possibly prevent it from happening again.  Fianlly, I forgive myself and let it go.  I do not harp on why and how.  I do the best I can.  And that is all I can do.  Let it go.  Be kind to myself.  Acknowledge I do an amazing  job living with a chronic disease.

Okay.  Testing is done.  Bolusing is done.  Time to go eat lunch…An almond butter sandwich.  I love almond butter.  It is full of heart healthy monosaturated fats, lowers LDL cholesterol (bad guys), provides vitamin E, has fiber, and tastes sooo good.  It is caloric, so I do have to watch how much I eat.  I am known for licking it straight off the spoon.

And I will leave you with that thought.  

Take care.  Test your bloodsugar, and try some almond butter.

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