Derby Day for Diabetics

Posted on May 7, 2011


Happy Derby Day

If I had a horse I would name it “Diabetes Dynamo”.  I would love to see Diabetes Dynamo race in the Derby.  He would not have to win, just be there for all to see and admire. 

The word would spread about diabetes.  Awareness.  Change.  Action.  How wonderful that would be for all of us.  Not just us current diabetics, but those who may be teetering on the edge of being diagnosed diabetic or those who do not even know they will be diagnosed one day. 

Diabetes is like riding a race horse.  Some days of training are intense and wear us out (emotionally and/or physically).  While other days are smooth sailing as we glide across the track. 

While we try to follow our “training schedule”, we never know exactly how the day will turn out.  We may fall of our horse.  If we do, then we have to get back up and climb into that saddle again.  Even if we are scared, the race must go on. 

We may run our best time ever.   If we do, then we celebrate and acknowledge that diabetics can do anything they aspire to do. 

Every time we climb up into that saddle, we have to trust that it will be okay.   We cannot think about the “what ifs”.  Let the “what ifs” go.  Focus on being strong and courageous.  Finishing the race.  We don’t have to be winners.  Trying to do our best is all that matters. 

And that is true no matter whether you are a diabetic or a horse running the Derby today.  Good luck to all the jockeys and horses.  We will be watching. 

Remember, all diabetics are champions!

Happy Derby Day to all!