Joyful Moments with Diabetes. Yes, they exist.

Posted on May 18, 2011


Totally diabetic 24/7

Let’s face it.  Diabetes is with us 24/7.  There is no escaping it.  You can ignore it, but we all know where that ends up. 

As with life, there are ups and downs with diabetes too.  Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the lows (literally and figuratively).  But for today, I want to capture the joyful moments of diabetes.  Those times when having diabetes is cool/rewarding/ meaningful (there are lots of words you can insert here – but keep them positive:) 

And I will apologize for the low res/quality photos.  Until I can get a better camera, this is as good as it gets. 

So, take a look at some of my good times with diabetes and try to create a list for yourself.  Let’s live life with diabetes:

Healthy Muffins. Yum.

1.  Baking and eating low fat, low sugar, high fiber, gluten free,  banana muffins .  Is there such a thing?  Yes, and they actually taste really good.  And they are good for you.   

Eating healthy may be a bit challenging at first.  I won’t deny that “healthy food” may not always taste as good as “unhealthy food”, but the longer you eat healthy options, the better they taste.  You actually start to crave healthy stuff. 

I feel good!


2.  Ahhh..Nothing like that blood sugar where you don’t even need to test to know that you are in your target range.  You just feel good.  Not too high.  Not too low.  Just right. 

3.  Setting and accomplishing goals in life is so important.  It does not matter how big or how small the goal.  What matters is how important it is to you at the particular moment (every step of the way – even if you don’t achieve the end goal).  Keep in mind that you can do anything with diabetes.  ANYTHING.  You may have to make adjustments and put more planning into it,  but that makes it even more amazing.  Living with diabetes is a goal we achieve every single day.  Be proud.

4.  Cherish those days were you just feel at peace with your diabetes.  Another ahhh…..

Cooking up spaghetti sauce


5.  Do what is your best for your body, whether that may be cooking a homemade and healthy meal, exercising, resting, or whatever you choose.  Just do what you need!  Only you know what that is.

6.  Taking the time to respect your body and in turn your diabetes is the key.  No matter how busy you get in life, we cannot ignore our diabetes.  For diabetics, overall wellness and health must include taking care of our gift – diabetes.

7.  I love this saying.  God does not require that we succeed, he only requires that we try.  Whether it be diabetes related or not, I think this holds true for all aspects of our lives.  Try.  Try.  Try.   And see what happens.  With diabetes, I try, try, try every single day. 

8.  Love your diabetes!  It is part of you 24/7.

9.  Share your diabetes with family and friends.  Let them be part of the experience.  I almost cried when one day my 6 and 7 year old daughters came to me and announced “look mommy, we are wearing a pump too.  it is sooo cool”.  They had taken small boxes and created pumps that they were wearing.  They accept diabetes too.

10.  Being able to connect with people like you is wonderful.  I have met so many amazing people at so many diabetic events, camps, fundraisers, blogs, etc.  Connect, support, connect. 

 Would love to hear about your joyful moments with diabetes. 

Joy to All!