Almost 42….Years Old…

Posted on June 2, 2011


Tomorrow, I will turn 42 years old.  Wow!  42.  Number wise that is 40 (the magical – mid life challenge number) plus 2.   I remember when my parents were in their 40’s, and I thought it was so old.   And here I am on the eve of my birthday thinking “I do not feel 42”.  Am I really 42?  Where did the time go?  I am glad I still feel young.   Yet, I worry a little bit about how fast time flies.  I must enjoy every single day.  

I don’t want to turn back the hands of time and be 21 again.  42 is actually a good age.  I have experienced (and learned) so much, yet I have so much more to go. 

I want tomorrow to be special.  Time for a long run.  Time with my family.  Time to think about life.  What do I want to create over the next few days, weeks, years?  And how am I going to make it happen?  Think it and see it.  Envision my now and future.  No time to waste.

And I have to believe that I will be able to do whatever I want, diabetes and all.  Diabetes has never stopped me before, and it will not stop me moving forward.  If anything, it will propel me forward.  The courage, discipline, and strength to live with diabetes seems to permeate my entire life.    Thank God. 

Here is to life at 42.  Will write more tomorrow!   


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