Diabetics Are Not Normal

Posted on June 14, 2011


Today, a health care professional asked me if my pump made me feel more normal.  I know what they were implying – does the precision of the pump and how it works resemble that of someone without diabetes, thus making me “feel” normal.  She did not mean it to be a negative comment.

Yet, it bothered me.  Normal?  What is normal?  Who is normal?  Anyone? 

I guess it depends on what we all mean by normal?  What are the parameters for normal in our own minds? 

I don’t feel normal because I don’t know what normal means.  How can I feel what I cannot define.   Normal?

But I do know that diabetes as a whole does not make me abnormal, special, weak, frail, or sick.  Yes, I have days when a low or high blood sugar may trigger symptoms that are not the most pleasant – sweating, fatigue, ravaging hunger, crankiness.  But, it does not last forever. It is a moment in time.   And people without diabetes have “moments’ too where they do not feel 100%.  It is part of life whether or not you have or do not have diabetes.

I like to believe that diabetes gives me an extraordinary life.  A life where I dedicate time to taking care of myself by exercising, eating healthy, resting, and living.  And as a result, I feel great, happy, fulfilled, rested, fit, and satisfied.  Above and beyond normal.   

Great on the inside and outside.  Knowing that I am taking steps to be as healthy as possible for my diabetes and for myself is very empowering and rewarding. 

Seeing and feeling my actions and choices is amazing.  Knowing that I am responsible for creating my own wellness.  And diabetes just happens to be a part of that experience. 

For me, being a diabetic has been an extraordinary journey.  And there is so much more to go. 

I hope all other diabetics feel the same way.   We are extraordinary!