What the Heck? One of Those Days

Posted on June 17, 2011


It has been one of those days?  What is one of those days?

You know, the days were weird, random stuff just happens.  Unexplainable, yet irritating occurances. 

It all started when I was out running this morning. Usual run.  Nothing special about it.  Ate my typical prerun snack, set my prerun basal.  Was hydrated from the day before and a prerun glass of water.  Plenty of potassium and salt on board. 

Yet, at mile 5 I got cramps.  I have been a runner for 30 years and have only had cramps a handful of times.  Not a frequent event for me (luckily). 

So strange and unusual.  What the heck?   And I was a few miles from home.  Ugh! 

Slowed my pace down and focused on my breathing.  All the causes were pouring through my head.  Heat?  Dehydration?  Low potassium?  Breathing to hard?  Nah…None of those reasons seemed likely. 

Frustration set in.  Here I am trying to get in my daily run so I can be fit and feel good and cramps set in.    Deep sigh.  What the heck?  Why?

I continued my run.  What else was I gonna do?  Cramps and all,  I decided to run up the hill ahead of me.  I thought about walking and decided just to get home as soon as possible in case there were any other developments. 

As I reached the top of the hill, I noticed a really cute puppy out running with his owner.  Precious dog.  My attention started to focus on the puppy.  He was having so much fun running with his owner and keeping a good pace in front of me.  I continued to focus on the pup. 

After a few minutes I realized my cramps were gone.  Just like that, they were gone.  Almost like magic.  Gone.  Yay! 

Did they disappear because my attention diverted to the dog?  Perhaps.  I let go of the pain and decided to put energy towards something else.  Something fun and playful like the puppy.  My pain turned into entertainment.  Refocusing.  Diversion.  Letting go.  Attracting a feeling of joy.  All inspired by a cute little puppy. 

It worked.  I did not have cramps the rest of the day.

But I did have several low blood sugars.  I am not sure why?  Like this morning, usual routine – my standard  breakfast and lunch (I am a creature of habit), usual bolus and basal rate.  What the heck? 

Isn’t one low enough?  No, for some reason, I was meant to have several low blood sugars.  three to be exact.  Drove me crazy. 

I treated each low, felt better, and then I was bottoming out again a few hours later.  Three times.  Yes, three times.  Even adding protein to the carbs did not help.  What the heck? 

I had no explanation.  All I know is that I felt tired, frustrated, and ravenous from the lows.  Part of me wanted to order every single ice cream from the snack bar.  Luckily, my willpower took control.

My analytical mind wanted to figure out why this was happening?  Was my pump malfunctioning?  Did the cramps somehow have something to do with this?  How could I avoid another low from occuring? 

After analyzing and analyzing and analyzing, I came to the conclusion that I had no explanation for the lows.  Just like the cramps while running, it was just meant to be part of my day for some crazy reason. 

At this moment of realization, my kids wanted me to get in the pool.  My blood sugar had stabilized for the third time, and I felt okay but not super.  That was the last thing I really wanted to do was swim around.   I was a tad cranky and worn out.  But I decided to do it.  It was hot, and I needed a refreshing swim.  So I jumped in.  My focus and attention was on playing with my kids in the pool. 

The water was refreshing.  My kids and I were having fun.  The low blood sugars became a thing of the past.  I felt good.

Once again, refocusing, diversion, and letting go worked.  I did not need to figure out the why?  I just needed to accept what had happened and then move on.  Live in the moment.   

Hours later, I am happy to report that all is good.  I am ready for a great weekend.    What the heck, why not?

Have a good weekend everyone!