Is Living with Diabetes Really That Bad?

Posted on July 28, 2011


Bad.  Bad is a bad word.  So why did I choose it?  Because over the years so many people  have told me ” I feel so bad that you have to live diabetes.”  Or “It must be so bad living with diabetes.”

So is it?  Is it really that bad living with diabetes?

The idea of it being bad struck a chord with me.  Was it (or is it) that bad?

Absolutely not.  Honestly, it is not bad.  Yes, there are crazy moments:

  • low blood sugars
  • high blood sugars
  • scare of possible complications
  • multiple low blood sugars in a day/night
  • unresponsive lows

But, it’s not like I am in a constant state of lows, highs, etc.  These are moments in my life.  Just moments.  When the moments are done, life continues on. 

Diabetes is embedded in me 24/7 but all the “stuff” that goes along with it occurs throughtout the day and night.  It is part of life.  My life.   Everyone (diabetics and nondiabetics) has ups and downs in life.  That’s what keeps life interesting.  So those crazy moments add spice and variety. 

I guess, testing my blood, choosing the right foods to eat (most of the time), having to calculate carbs for bolusing the right amount of insulin, taking the time to exercise, planning out the day and insulin requirements, etc. are, also, all part of being diabetic. 

However, I don’t consider them “bad” or daunting tasks.  I love eating nutritious food, working out like a maniac, and analyzing carbs and insulin requirements.  It is a challenge. And when I meet the challenge, I feel great. 

I often think diabetes probably keeps me healthier than most people.  Diabetes gives me the extra motivation and willpower to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. 

Maybe since I have had diabetes so long (38 years), I have grown to accept it and incorporate it into my daily life and routine.  Why not?  Rebelling against my diabetes would only make me feel sick short term and long term.  Why not do everything in my power to embrace my diabetes? 

What about the possibility of complications?  Death?  I don’t go there.  Why worry about what has not happened.  If I am doing all I can to be healthy, then I am doing everything in my power to prevent complications..  If complications arise, then that will be a new segment of my life.  I will accept them just like I do diabetes.  If have to. 

I am the only one who can take something that so many people consider “bad” and turn it into something “good”.  Diabetes can be a positive.  Empowering me to take charge of my life.

Living (no, thriving) with diabetes.  Thriving with diabetes is great!