The Test – Chapter 3 and Chapter 4

Posted on November 15, 2011


Chapter 3

Roger sat perched in his chair.  His corner office on the 20th floor of Pharm Corp was sweet.  Everything was perfectly arranged, including Roger.  A professionally pressed shirt, new pleated trousers, and a hand-picked tie to match.  Not a wrinkle in sight. 

Roger looked good and played the corporate game well.  He was the best researcher in the pharma world, and he knew it.  A brilliant scientist, a savvy team player, and a very valuable asset. 

He had been waiting for this day.  Waiting for Misha to get his message.  She should be receiving it any minute now.  8:22 a.m.  Yes, any time now. 

The outside of Roger looked so put together, but on the inside he was a bit ruffled.   So much had gone into this.  So much. 

Now it had to play out as planned.   Or else…

Chapter 4

From the outside, Misha’s life looked so simple and “easy”.  Yet on the inside, she was empty.  Confused.  Misha did not know who she was anymore.  What had become of her life? 

She loved her kids more than anything and never regretted being a stay at home mom.  But something had changed in her.  Misha needed and wanted more.  Beyond kids.  Beyond taking care of their home.  More.  But what?  She had no idea.  What did she want?

The kids were off to school, and it was time for Misha to go on her daily run.  8 miles today.  The sun was shining and the winds were light.  Good day for running along the beach. 

Once again the thought and feelings of what to do with her life returned.  Had the tsunami nightmare been a sign to her?  A symbolism of how she felt?  Trapped? 

Perhaps.  Misha was not ready to admit it though.  She preferred to focus on creating a job or a hobby that would occupy her time and provide fulfillment.  Maybe something exciting and adventurous.  She had been bored and restless lately. 

Misha knew she needed more adult interaction and challenges.  Volunteering at the school, play dates with friends, and girls’ night outs were no longer cutting it.  What should this former pharmaceutical advertising executive do? 

Eight years ago, after the birth of her 8-year-old daughter, Misha had chosen to resign from the pharmaceutical world.  She had been a key player.  Smart, charismatic, and well-respected.  She had loved that world, but it was not conducive to having a family.  The travel and long hours were very demanding.  Too demanding with a small baby at home.  Misha resigned and chose to stay at home.  Her choice.  Her decision. No regrets. 

Until now.  Still no regrets.  But the girls were in school full-time.  Misha was ready for change.  And change was on the way.  Excitement.  Adventure.  Challenge.  All a few miles ahead.