Finding Peace Within Yourself

Posted on November 16, 2011


Sometimes life can be strange.  Things can happen that we just don’t understand (at least for now).  Sometimes good stuff.  Sometimes not so good stuff.  (appears bad but may actually be good in the long run).  We just may not see that in the moment. 

That is life.  Lots of stuff.  Good stuff.  Bad stuff.  Stuff, stuff, stuff. 

Some of my own recent examples of stuff includes:  old friends, new friends, job losses, new jobs, moves across the country, moves back, holiday preparations with my kids, low blood sugars, high blood sugars, insulin pump struggles, amazing running times, and the list goes on.   

Three months ago, my husband took a job fourteen hours away from our home in Kentucky.  My daughters and I were very upset about leaving.  But we trusted there was a reason for the move.  From the outside, the opportunity seemed perfect for my husband and in turn us. 

Once at our new beach home, we got settled pretty quickly.  We still missed our friends in Kentucky, but we got settled here.  I found that my running took off.  I started training for another marathon, and my times were incredible.  I was finally able to write like never before.  A new book has emerged out of me.  And the beach, need I say more?  My daughters loved the ocean. 

All seemed pretty good.  Except my  husband’s job – the reason we had moved to the beach.  The job was a nightmare.  Not working out.  It was a matter of time.  And we all knew it.  The time arrived last Friday.  No more job.  No more beach.  We are going back to Kentucky this weekend hoping to find work there.  Luckily, all of our amazing friends are still there, our house never sold, and the girls’ old school has space for them.  Whew!

Lots of stuff.  Stuff, stuff, stuff.  And for us diabetics, there may be extra stuff – low blood sugars, high blood sugars, insulin pump problems, expensive medications, etc.   Diabetics get to experience stuff that only diabetics can experience.   

But that is okay.  It has to be okay.  You have to accept the stuff you are given, even if you do not like it.  You have to accept it.   This is your life.  And all your stuff is along for the ride.  It’s just stuff. 

And I find accepting the stuff makes it so much easier.  I may grieve and feel sad, but I don’t let it consume me for days on end.  I work through it. The stuff. 

The key to working through all the stuff is finding peace within yourself.  

Peace does not mean you have to be happy 24/7.  That is not realistic.  Life has it ups and downs.  Happy days and not so happy days (okay – bad, sad, angry days).  It all goes back to the stuff that enters our lives.  Stuff makes life interesting.  How boring and stagnant would it be if we were happy 24/7.  No challenges.  No change in moods and emotions that allow us to experience the feelings of life.     

And personally, I think the not so good stuff makes us really appreciate the good stuff.  We want it and cherish it even more.  Not so good stuff gives us something to work towards.  The good stuff.

And by accepting the not so good stuff (bad stuff) and working towards the good stuff, we find inner peace.  We embark on a journey that teaches us so much about ourselves.  We may take risks, learn to trust, and engage in challenges.  Pretty incredible.  Exciting. 

The inner peace occurs because we recognize that this is our life.  Whether we like it or not, this is the cards we are being dealt.  Do we have to stay in that moment?  That is totally up to us.  Choice.  Our choice.  We may want to savor that moment/stuff, or we may want to move on (to new stuff).  Realizing that gives us a sense of peace.  We are in charge even if it seems like we are out of control.  Even if something blind sides us and knocks us to our feet, we can stand back up.  And then find the courage, strength, and peace to take steps forward. 

Hanging on to the peace during all the stuff really helps.  Give it a try the next time some stuff happens. 

Experience all the stuff and find the peace within you.