Posted on January 4, 2012


Why was the only word that could describe this particular post. Not that I intentionally want to be vague, but sometimes there is no concrete words or descriptions to describe how we feel, what we do, and ultimately, what happens…

Which takes me to a family member struggling with his diabetes. He started out on oral meds last year and decided to recently stop taking them. Yikes. No one knew. So last weekend, he was hospitalized with a bloodsugar of 1,000. Yes, 1,000. After a few days in the hospital, he was released and then readmitted again with a bloodsugar of 600. Now he is on insulin and signing up for a diabetic school.

I feel for this family member because he is at a point where it is all so new to him. He is an older gentleman and the idea of having to count carbs, test bloodsugar, exercise, etc. is overwhelming and somewhat ridiculous. No more Coca Cola? I have to prick my finger? And texas toast has how many carbs? What? When? How? Why?

Yes, why? Why is this happening?

Being a diabetic myself, I have left messages for this family member (we live in different states) and have sent a card letting him know I am here. I care about him and would like to offer support. Whatever he needs. I have heard he does not want people to know, so it may be a bit before I hear back. But that is okay.

Many people cannot understand why he stopped taking his meds. He may not understand why. The focus needs to be on the now. Moving forward with a clear understanding of what needs to be done. Who may need to help him. And what resources are available. Letting go of judgement and opinions. Helping.

I was diagnosed at the age of four and don’t know what it is like living without diabetes. Perhaps that makes it easier. I am not sure. But what I do know, is that diabetics need support. We have to be there for one another. No matter what. I may not understand why my family member stopped taking his meds, but I am not going to give up on him. I am going to be there as he figures all this out. And as he moves forward. Controlling his diabetes, one day at a time. Not worrying about the past. Focusing on today, and what he needs to do.

Why is in the past. Now is now.

As I provide support to this family member, please remember that there are lots of diabetics who need support out there. Whether it be via the diabetic online community, the american diabetes association, or family and friends, reach out and help fellow diabetics.

Here is to being healthy in 2012.