What Works for Me? What Works for You?

Posted on January 11, 2012


Earlier this morning, I tweeted about eating a Poptart (confetti cake – yum) on my way to spin class. I had just finished a 6 mile run and was gearing up (literally and figuratively) for a challenging cycling class. I needed and wanted something sugary and rich in carbs (low in fat and fiber so my body could absorb it easily and quickly). Lowfat Poptarts seem to work really well for me.

So I decided to tweet about this. How ironic that a diabetic was consuming a Poptart? Maybe? Maybe not?

I started thinking about what some folks might think. Why is a diabetic eating a Poptart? Was I recommending something some might perceive “unhealthy”? Guilt crept in.

But then (and luckily), I snapped out of it. Yes, I am a diabetic, but on mornings when I run and spin, Poptarts work. Let me clarify…They work for me. And that is the key. They work. For Me.

As I get older, I realize more and more that we have to fine tune our lives to fit our own individual needs and wants. Don’t get me wrong. I love hearing other people’s stories and receiving advice and tips on everything from diabetes, marriage, kids, running, etc., etc. It’s important to see what others are doing and thinking. Connecting and bonding on various topics and levels. Learning and growing. That’s part of being human.

Having similar interests like running, similar conditions like diabetes, and similar families like two kids and two dogs are examples. And having those similar “things” definitely connects us. It brings us closer together. We discuss, compare, and bond. Love it.

Yet, we are all unique individuals. And that is what makes us so special. How boring would this world be if we were all the same. We have to take what we learn, determine what feels right and then mold it to fit us. You. Me. To meet our individual needs and wants.

And what we need and want will change. They and we are not static. We are always evolving.

So, if Poptarts work for me. Yay! If they work for you – yay! If they don’t – yay! You will find what works – Yay! And finding what works is the challenge of life. Trying, focusing, doing, exploring, and daring. Finding what works for you.

Try it!

Have a great day finding what works for you!