Treat Yourself Well. It’s Easy.

Posted on January 17, 2012


This is my third attempt at writing a post for today. Three times is a charm, right? I sure hope so.

Technology and I definitely have our moments. Moments being a kind word…

But I am ready now. And hopefully the computer will cooperate. Please…..

Perhaps, I was given three chances so I could refine what to write. Yes, what to write?

I am gonna sum it up for you:


You might be why? boring…

But seriously, we often neglect to take care of ourselves. We focus so much on everyone around us – kids, coworkers, friends, spouses….and ourselves…not…or not as much as we should perhaps?

Or we focus on all the “things” – activities, work, errands, and the list goes on.

I am not telling you anything new. I just am sending a gentle reminder to treat yourself well. No special reason. You deserve it. Everyone deserves it. Every single day. Every single day.

So here are a few simple, inexpensive (free), and quick things you can do to treat yourself well. Every single day. And remember when you treat yourself well, it reflects onto others (so don’t think you are being selfish by taking care of yourself too):

1. Listen: How do you know what you need and want in your life if you don’t listen to yourself. Spend some time tuning in to you. You. No one else. Quiet time. While at a red light. On the train. At your desk. Write down one thing you learned about yourself by listening. Try it.

2. Respect: Respect yourself. Now that you know what you need (i.e. rest, me time, more exercise, better diet) give yourself permission to do it. Respect you and your time. Rearrange your schedule. Pencil in time for you. Literally put it on your calendar. Give yourself the time to meet your needs. And don’t feel guilty doing it. Respect.

3. Kind: Be Kind to yourself. How is this different from respect? You can respect yourself but not be kind and vice versa. Kindness is putting nice energy towards you. Not just others. You too. Be nice and kind to yourself. Say some positive words about you. Take a look in the mirror and smile at yourself (great way to start the day). Write down a positive sentence about you. Post it where you can see it – on the bathroom mirror, on the refrigerator. Be ki

4. Honesty: Be honest with yourself. If you really don’t want to do something (which you discover by listening), then don’t do it. Respect why you don’t want to do it. And then be kind to yourself about it. Don”t beat yourself up. But be honest. Why do you want or not want something? Honesty here. You will learn a lot about yourself if you take the time to be honest. For example, why don’t I want to go to spin tomorrow? Because my knee hurts. Does it really hurt? Yes. Ouch! And my gut says I should cut back on cardio exercise while trying to get pregnant (which is probably why I got injured).

5. Love: We all know what love is. Love yourself like you love others. Put forth some of that energy towards you. Put for those feelings of love (you know what I mean) towards yourself. I know that may sound weird but we often spend so much time loving others we don’t love ourselves enough. Turn some of the love you give away inward. You deserve it too.

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