Do Not Waste a Day

Posted on March 1, 2012


An acquaintance of ours passed away yesterday.  A 49 woman who had been fighting ovarian cancer for the last two years. 

I walked by her house today, and I started to tear up.  Her car was still parked out front.  From the outside, it looked like nothing had changed.  However, on the inside, it would never be the same. 

Which is why I write this post. 

Life is so precious.  We do not know when we will die.  Or sometimes even how we will pass.  All we know, is that eventually, it will happen.  There is no escaping death.  And being diabetic makes me tune in a bit more to dying.  I take care of myself not only to feel good on a day to day basis, but to prolong my life.  

Yet , we cannot get caught up in the wondering and worrying.  When will it be my turn?  That would drive us crazy. One cannot live that way.

But we can take advantage of every single day.  Cherish something on a daily basis.  Find joy in your life.  Smile at a stranger.  Do something fun.  Take a risk. Give a friend or family member a hug.  Treat yourself.  Laugh.  Love.  Live. 

Don’t wait for a reason.  Do it today.  Everyday. 

Do Not Waste a Day!

Go love your life your today…I am….

In memory of MR,