Waiting Out the Storms

Posted on March 2, 2012


Tornadoes are on the way…

I must admit, part of me likes the excitement.  Weather has always fascinated me.  As a young girl, I recollect sitting out on the deck watching storms come across the horizon.  There was something amazing about watching Mother Nature at work.  So powerful.  Yet, so gentle.  Out of our control.

You just do not know with Mother Nature.  There is a likelihood of tornadoes from 1-8pm today with the brunt of the storms supposedly happening from 2-4pm.  All the technology prepares us.  Gives us warning.

Yet, it is up to us to prepare.  To take action.  To heed warnings.

When the tornado sirens go off, I take action.  I don’t mess around.  If I can save my life by going in the stairwell or the crawl space, I will do it.  The crawl space is by no means pretty.  It is old, dirty, dingy and just plain yucky.  But safe.  A haven during a tornado.

It’s just that kind of day.  Cloudy, rainy, stormy.  The waiting begins.  Yet, life does not stop.  We keep moving forward with the threat of tornadoes looming overhead.

Up until the storm or tornado, I can prepare.  Take control.  Buy batteries and load up the flashflights.  Get bottled water.  Pack a bag of insulin and supplies.  Charge my phone.  Watch the weather reports.  Monitor.  Anticipate.

But, I truly do not know what is going to happen.  We can predict.  Yet, no onereally knows.  The element of surprise comes into play.

But, isn’t that what life is truly about?  Do we truly always have control of our lives?

Heck no.  We can control parts of our lives.  Making decisions.  Taking action.  Seeing results.

Yet, so much stuff happens that we don’t expect or choose.  It just happens.  Good and bad . That is life.

Controlling what I can.  And trusting the rest will be taken care of for me.

Yes, I am in the driver’s seat most of the time.  But, sometimes some other force takes over as we go down the road of life.  Always makes for an interesting ride.  Straight aways, bumps, turns, and twists.  Slow and fast.  Life.  And tornadoes.  Control.

So as the storms approach, I trust that it will be okay.  Letting go of control…and moving forward with life.

Will keep you posted!