Letting Go

Posted on March 29, 2012


Letting go is easier said then done…

I had to email my bloodsugar numbers to my endocrinologist today, and I started getting a bit nervous.  Overall, the numbers are great for a pregnant diabetic, but not perfect.  There were a few higher numbers which I know will be a red flag for my endo.

But that is her job.  To look at my numbers.  To keep me and this unborn baby healthy.  To make recommendations.  She is a doctor.  And a good one.

And I am the patient.  And a good one.  Trying really  hard to do the best I can.  And that is all I can do.  Nothing else.  Just trying my best.  Realizing that the numbers are not always going to be perfect.  There are so many variables that enter the number game:  hormones, stress, food, exercise, and sometimes the unknow.  That is just part of living with diabetes.

Yet, it can be frustrating, scary, annoying, etc..  And the frustration, fear and all those other emotions could take over.  But instead, I have learned during my 39 years with diabetes, that it is better to let go.  Yes, let go.

Recognize that I have done my best, and it is time to let go and move on to the next thing.  There is no point in lingering in worry, frustrating, fear, anxiety, etc.  What good would that do?  If anything, that will make my bloodsugars go up too.

So, I have taught myself to let go.  Let me say it again, “let go.”

We all should practice that idea.  And not just with our diabetes.  With our whole life.  Embrace all your experiences, do the best you can (or want to/choose to do) and move on.  Keep going forward.  Let go.

Whew!  I feel better now.  My numbers have been emailed, I have shared what I hope is a useful tip with you, and I am ready for the next thing – lunch.

Have a good day all.  And Let Go!