It is Not Forever. Really…

Posted on April 17, 2012


I have been a slacker.  Well, not really…but kinda.

It has been two weeks or so since I last wrote a post.  But I have a good excuse.  One week we were on vacation, and every week I have been too tired and nauseous to really focus on writing.  It is taking all my energy to get through the basics of the day.

The fatigue and nausea is a good sign.  I am 10 weeks pregnant, and my “symptoms” are in full force.  Which means this is a viable pregnancy.  Yay!

But, whew!  I am sooo ready for second trimester.  In a few more weeks I should feel like a new person (if this pregnancy goes like my previous two).

So why all the talk about pregnancy?  About being a slacker?

Because being pregnant and feeling like crap pretty much 24/7 has taught me a lot about myself.  Stuff I want to share with you.  Stuff I want you to think about even if you are not pregnant.  That goes for you guys out there too.

First and foremost, I realize how I took my energetic and active life for granted.  I naturally have lots of energy and tend to be a busy bee – running from one activity to another.  Rarely sitting down to relax or hang out.

But the last few weeks have been different.  I want to sit down and do nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Sometimes nothing turns into watching a Disney show with my daughters.  Or sometimes it turns into just daydreaming or thinking about life.  It is relaxing.  Perhaps, I should have been doing this before.  Vegging…Ahhhh….

Secondly, I have gotten used to being tired and nauseous in a weird sort of way.  I have a 7 and 8 year old so life is not going to stop.  Trying my best to be busy takes my mind off of not feeling well.  Kinda the opposite of doing nothing.  But, I am discovering that being involved in life and relaxing are both key.  Necessities.  Life is sometimes challenging but not impossible.  The challenges make us stronger and add lots of character.  When I do get my energy back and the nausea subsides, I will feel like a new person (you know what I mean).  A person ready to move on to the next stage of life – the arrival of our new baby. Which will bring with it lots of new adventures and challenges.  This is life.

That’s right.  Life ebbs and flows.  How boring it would be if life was stagnant and the same day in and day out.  Talk about monotonous.  Yikes!

Let’s go back to the ebbing and flowing.  I am not going to be pregnant forever.  9 months.  That is it.  A relatively short period of time in the grand scheme of things.  My husband may beg to differ on those days when my hormones are causing moodiness.  But seriously, 9 months to create an amazing baby is pretty amazing.

Pregnancy and all the fatigue and nausea and everything else does not last forever?  Nothing lasts forever?  Or does it?

What about my diabetes?  Does it last forever?

I saved this concept for last because I really want you to think about it.

Does diabetes last forever?

Yes and no.

Yes, I will have type 1 diabetes forever unless they find a cure. But, I am not in a constant state of being totally focused on my diabetes.

There is no denying it is part of me 24/7.  That is a given.  But, diabetes does not consume me 24/7.

Low or high blood sugars may make me feel ill.  Days where my insulin pump goes haywire might cause some frustrations.  Battles with my insurance company over prescription and medical device coverage may make me a bit insane.  But those are moments.  Moments of time captured in a day.  They do not last forever.

As I close this post, I need to remember (and hopefully you will too) that we learn from all of life’s experiences.  Stuff happens for a reason.  Being pregnant has reminded me that I need to slow down and relax.  Spend some time doing nothing.  Yes, nothing.  Nothing before this bundle of joy arrives.  And keeps me super busy.

I, also, need to realize that life ebbs and flows.  The nausea comes and goes in waves.  Ebbing and flowing like life.  Life does not stop for anything.  So we have to jump on and go for the ride.  See where life will take us.

And finally, nothing lasts forever. Nothing. Remember that the next time you are having one of those moments. It is not going to last forever. It is just an experience. Part of your journey.

A quick nap is my next journey. Some rest and relaxation before I pick the kids up from school.

Take care everyone!
Michele brown