Are We Really In Control of Our Diabetes?

Posted on July 25, 2012


Yes. Yes. Yes.  If you so choose…

It is completely up to you.  Yep, no getting around it.  The control lies within each and every one of us.  In our minds, actions, and thoughts.

What, you may be asking?

Let me explain…

Diabetes is a challenge.  Let”s get that on the table.  No question about it.  There are good/easy days and challenging/hard days or moments.  That is part of living with diabetes. Part of anyone’s life.  Living takes work and dedication.  You cannot forget about diabetes (and life)  and let it fall to the wayside.  If you do, stuff falls apart.

And even when you are working your tail off to be in control, stuff can still happen.

Like unexplainable low bloodsugars.  I swear mine always occur when I am engaged in some sort of project or activity with others around.  Not the most convenient of times.  But lows happen.  And sometimes the lows can  be pretty serious.  I have woken up in the back of an ambulance with no recollection of the morning.  I had been running and my bloodsugar dropped so fast that I lost consciousness.  Thankfully, a fireman who was, also, out running found me and called for help.  Did it scare the heck out of me?  Yes.  Was I afraid to go for a run a few days later?  Yes.  But did I do it?  Yes.


And then there are the high bloodsugars.  Whew!  A few weeks ago, I woke up at 3am with a bloodsugar of 450.  Yikes!  I felt like crap but was able to change out my pump and get back on track.

So, is there control?  You may be wondering…

Yes!  Yes! Yes!  There are going to be low bloodsugars, high bloodsugars, challenges, and complications.  But, we can choose to:

1.  Do the best we can every single day.  Eat nutritiously, test your bloodsugar, exercise, rest, reach out if you need help,  and live.  Do not let diabetes suffocate or control you.  You hold the power to take action.  To take control.  It is so rewarding to know you are putting forth all you can.  Do it!

2.  You can choose how to react to your diabetes.  We can get frustrated, angry, and upset when stuff gets crazy.  That is normal.  Especially when you are not feeling well from a low or high bloodsugar or other challenges.  Acknowledge those feelings.  And then let them go.  LET THEM GO!  Replace all those negative feelings and emotions with something happy and positive.  Think about how lucky you are to be alive.  To be be experiencing life. To feel a low or high bloodsugar.  And then react in a way that sets the tone for the rest of the day. Make the right choices.

Take control of your diabetes…your life!

And have a wonderful day….no matter what!