Where Will I Land?

Posted on August 21, 2012


Where Will I land?

I have taken the last 8 years off to be a stay at home mom.  And I have loved it!  But the kids are getting older, we need more income coming in, and I am ready to work.  I am getting restless at home (even though I volunteer quite a bit).  Momma Brown is searching for a job.  And the time is now.

I have been sending resumes, making calls, emailing like a maniac, networking, etc.  Whew!  This is a job within itself.

I think being out of the workforce for 8 years makes it challenging no matter what anyone says.  Even though being a stay at home mom is the toughest yet most fulfilling job I have ever held, many do not see it that way.

Let’s talk about that for a minute.  Stay at home moms.  I was doing well in the world of pharmaceutical advertising and truly loved my job.  I never dreamed of being a stay at home mom.  Never.  Until it took me 5 years to get pregnant, and when baby Zoe popped out, I knew I wanted to stay at home.

I tried going back for three months.  There was a part of me that could not let go.  I had worked so hard to climb the corporate ladder and I was still holding on with one hand.  But most of me was swinging into mom mode.  Being at home with my baby .  And after trying to bring my baby to work and to work from home; I resigned.  I was a stay at home mom.

There were days when I missed going into an office and having adult conversations that did not evolve around baby stuff.  But, I have never regretted giving up my career for 8 years. My career became my kids.  And boy, did I learn a lot.  Stuff I never dreamed of.

It takes a lot of organization, coordination, skills, patience, etc. to be a mom.  Especially when you are home with kids all day.  I got really good at finding places to go, locating free activities, scouting out moms’ groups, and putting together field trips.  We did a lot.  I needed to get out for my own sanity.  Did I mention that I had my second child 16 months after having Zoe.  Whew!

Which is where I am now.  Getting out.  I love volunteering at the girls’ school, blogging, and working on my book.  But I need to get out.  To be with other adults working on a project or a cause.  Using all the skills I have acquired over the years.  And earning some money.  That would be nice too.

Being not only a mom, wife, and friend but a….marketing executive?  Advertising executive?  Or???

I have been applying to many jobs in my old realm of comfort – advertising and marketing, and none of those are panning out.  At least not right now.  Just got an email this morning saying they had more qualified candidates for a position that sounded good.  So I am starting to wonder if there is something else out there.  Maybe I am not going down the right path?

Life coaching?  Counseling?  I do have a masters degree in counseling.  I love people. Helping people create the life they want?  Maybe it is time to revisit that?  It feels right.  Always a good sign.

But a little scary too.  Venturing out of one’s routine and daily rituals can be a little unsettling at first.  A good thing though.  Trying new stuff in life.  And deep down, I know I am ready.

As I start this new journey of finding (or creating) a job, I realize that I need to open myself up to opportunities, and trust that there is a job out there for me.  Believing that it is just a matter of time.

So I am going to continue on my quest.  If you hear of anything let me know.  And I will keep you posted. And no matter what, I will continue to blog, tweet, and work on my book.  Promise!

Take care,

Michele Brown

Totally Diabetic