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Stop Beating Yourself Up

January 12, 2015


We all do it.  “If only I had done this.” “If only I had done that.”  “I should have…”  “I will never do that again (repeat 4 times).”  “How could I have been so…”  You know. And I know that sometimes we beat ourselves up over experiences in our lives.  The negative thoughts and feelings of […]

Go With the Flow

January 9, 2015


Let me start off by saying that it is not always easy living with diabetes.  I admit it. Diabetes can be challenging.  I have taken a ride in an ambulance due to low blood sugar on two occasions (once when pregnant).  I have had to stop mid run to eat something sugary like candy corn […]

Persevering on “bad” days

March 25, 2013


“Bad”. Probably should not use that word.  I try to use “challenging” so it does not sound so negative.  But today, I want to use “bad”.  Just one of those days.  One thing after another.  Some things diabetes related.  Some not. So what to do?  Wait… You are probably wondering what is so “bad”.  Let […]

The Truth About Food

August 14, 2012


I sat down intending to share some really good (and healthy) recipes from Walgreens publication – Diabetes and You.  However, I suddenly decided to change topics.  To still talk about food – which I love.  But to share some of my experiences with food. As many diabetics (and non diabetics) know, food is so yummy […]

Diabetes and the Holidays. Ho, ho, ho…

November 15, 2011


It’s that time of year.  Thanksgiving is next week and then Christmas is right around the corner.  Yay! I love this time of  year.  And having diabetes makes it a bit more special (and sometimes challenging).  Let’s start with food.  I love food, especially this time of year.  We all indulge during the holidays.  There […]

Chapter One and Two of The Test

November 14, 2011


My book The Test is done…Yay!  So I would like to share the first two chapters with you.  Suspense.  Diabetes.  Life.  Hope you like it.  And if you know any interested agents or publishers, let me know…. chapter 1 No!  Misha started sprinting.  No!  Panic.  Fear.  Death.  No!  Misha could barely breathe.  A tsunami was […]

I Am Diabetic. I Am Different.

July 20, 2011


I am a diabetic, and I am different. Different= unlike in nature, form, or quality; novel and unique. (Webster’s Dictionary) I will take the “novel and unique”.  Diabetes has had an impact on my life.  Some good stuff and some challenging stuff.  But either way, it has made me realize that we are all novel […]