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Congratulations, You Lived. Be Thankful!

June 15, 2015


I would like to share Bradford’s story with  you – my readers.  Bradford is a dear friend, an amazing person.  I will never forget when my husband received “the call” from Bradford’s father regarding the news.  We were shocked.  Bradford had a stroke at 42 years old. He had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes years […]

Control or Lack There of?

September 14, 2011


When I first started working on this post, it was going to be all about control.  How diabetes had made me a bit (maybe more than a bit) controlling.  How it was hard for me to sometimes let go. I blame my discipline and structure on growing up with diabetes.  Now blame seems like I view […]

Near Death. Determined. Type 1 Diabetic.

September 9, 2011


Meet Tony Cervati – Type 1 Rider.  Mountain bike rider extraordinaire (even though he would not call himself extraordinary – I could not refrain).    Tony is an amazing guy.  Humble, yet dedicated.  Driven, but realistic. And diabetic.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Toni yesterday and wanted to share his story, his mission, his passion.  All focusing back […]

A Diabetic Mommy Responds to Her Daughters

June 7, 2011


Two days ago, I asked my daugthers what questions they had about diabetes?  This was a spontaneous question that I asked them independently.  After hearing their questions, I decided to take a few days to think about my responses.  Here they are: Zoe – age 7: 1.  How do you get diabetes?  There are two types […]