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Shaving Her Head for Childhood Cancer

January 25, 2015


One of my friends is shaving her head for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.  I am so proud of her and wanted to share this story.  We often get so caught up in our own lives that we forget about others in need.  Others like children battling cancer and their families.  Precious lives.  So read on and […]

Where Will I Land?

August 21, 2012


Where Will I land? I have taken the last 8 years off to be a stay at home mom.  And I have loved it!  But the kids are getting older, we need more income coming in, and I am ready to work.  I am getting restless at home (even though I volunteer quite a bit).  […]

My Apologies

August 6, 2012


I hope everyone is doing well… This blog post is dedicated to my readers.  Those people who inspire me to write and to share my life and learnings.  I feel like I owe you an explanation on why I recently took a brief sabatical from writing, blogging, and tweeting.  A sabatical from the outside world […]

Living with a Diabetic Husband and Daughter

January 3, 2012


Meet Kerry. An amazing woman who lives in Singapore with her 5 year old diabetic daughter and her diabetic husband. We met via the diabetic online community, and I wanted to share her experiences and insights. Teaching us that diabetes is a part of life for some. But it is no reason to stop living. […]

The Test – Chapter 3 and Chapter 4

November 15, 2011


Chapter 3 Roger sat perched in his chair.  His corner office on the 20th floor of Pharm Corp was sweet.  Everything was perfectly arranged, including Roger.  A professionally pressed shirt, new pleated trousers, and a hand-picked tie to match.  Not a wrinkle in sight.  Roger looked good and played the corporate game well.  He was the best researcher […]

Control or Lack There of?

September 14, 2011


When I first started working on this post, it was going to be all about control.  How diabetes had made me a bit (maybe more than a bit) controlling.  How it was hard for me to sometimes let go. I blame my discipline and structure on growing up with diabetes.  Now blame seems like I view […]

Losing Control

June 28, 2011


Ohhh….It was one of those days…Where I felt like I was losing control.  Losing control of “things” I can not necessarily control.  Kinda like those days when my diabetes goes haywire for no apparent reason.  Out of my control, even though I want to so badly to control it. That is how I felt today.  […]