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Stop Beating Yourself Up

January 12, 2015


We all do it.  “If only I had done this.” “If only I had done that.”  “I should have…”  “I will never do that again (repeat 4 times).”  “How could I have been so…”  You know. And I know that sometimes we beat ourselves up over experiences in our lives.  The negative thoughts and feelings of […]

Are We Really In Control of Our Diabetes?

July 25, 2012


Yes. Yes. Yes.  If you so choose… It is completely up to you.  Yep, no getting around it.  The control lies within each and every one of us.  In our minds, actions, and thoughts. What, you may be asking? Let me explain… Diabetes is a challenge.  Let”s get that on the table.  No question about […]

Cupcakes for Dinner. A Diabetic’s Dinner

June 22, 2011


21 Funfetti cupcakes sit in front of me.  Yet, amazingly enough, I do not have the urge to start eating one.  They are pretty with the glistening white frosting and colorful sprinkles on top.  Yet, I choose to eat Cheerios instead (it is 5 am). Yesterday afternoon was a different story.  My daughters wanted to […]

What now? Beyond Diabetes and Complications.

May 14, 2011


Two days have  passed since I had my gastroparesis test.  One day since I got the test results – I do not have gastroparesis. I was so relieved to learn that I did not have a complication that would lead to a liquid diet and possibly a food tube.  Relieved to know that all the hard […]