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When the Going Gets Rough

January 20, 2015


We all experience challenges in life.  Moments, days, and weeks that are less than ideal.  But that is part of life.  Yes, part of life. It is it easy or fun?  No, of course not.  Until you realize that this is happening for a reason.  Reasons that will stay with you forever and teach you so much […]

I Am a Little Worried

March 5, 2012


So I was awake at 4:45 am this morning.  Yes, 4:45 am.  I was typing the address for LabCorp into my Navigation system.  Tomorrow is the big test day.  The blood test to see if I am pregnant.  Woo hoo! Two weeks ago, my husband and I had two of our frozen embryos transferred into me.   […]

Finding the Strength

September 28, 2011


I sat down to write and decided not to focus on diabetes today.  No particular reason.  Well, that is a small lie.  There is a reason.  My mind has been thinking a lot about making changes in my life.  Finding the strength to let go of the past (and ill perceived notions) and creating a […]

I Was Scared. We Were Scared.

September 7, 2011


Friday night, my insulin pump started acting “crazy”.  And I mean crazy. I was trying to bolus (putting in the grams of carbohydrates) and all of a sudden it started counting up, up, and up.  It hit 300 and then started all over again.  The buttons were locked.  Oh no.  This was not good.  But I did […]

The Test Results Are In.

May 13, 2011


Whew…That is my first reaction…Whew…. My endocrinologist left a voicemail while I was in the shower.  I never even heard the phone ring.  Perhaps, subconsciously I did not want to hear it ring.  No, I want to know the results. Good or bad.  I need to know. They said it would take 48 hours.   Obviously the […]

I am Scared. Neuropathy for this Diabetic?

May 11, 2011


Tomorrow morning I am having a gastric emptying study done.  This test will measure how fast or slow food leaves my stomach and enters my small intestines.  For over six months now, I have had GI issues.  Whenever I eat, my stomach bloats and usually starts to hurt.  I feel very full and uncomfortable.  In […]

Trusting and Believing with Diabetes

May 10, 2011


People who find out I am diabetic often ask “how do you do it”?  How do you live with diabetes?  My usual response is  “I just do it”.  It is part of my life.  I have to live with it.   There is no choice.  I guess there is the choice to live in denial.  To […]