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Persevering on “bad” days

March 25, 2013


“Bad”. Probably should not use that word.  I try to use “challenging” so it does not sound so negative.  But today, I want to use “bad”.  Just one of those days.  One thing after another.  Some things diabetes related.  Some not. So what to do?  Wait… You are probably wondering what is so “bad”.  Let […]

Are We Really In Control of Our Diabetes?

July 25, 2012


Yes. Yes. Yes.  If you so choose… It is completely up to you.  Yep, no getting around it.  The control lies within each and every one of us.  In our minds, actions, and thoughts. What, you may be asking? Let me explain… Diabetes is a challenge.  Let”s get that on the table.  No question about […]

What Works for Me? What Works for You?

January 11, 2012


Earlier this morning, I tweeted about eating a Poptart (confetti cake – yum) on my way to spin class. I had just finished a 6 mile run and was gearing up (literally and figuratively) for a challenging cycling class. I needed and wanted something sugary and rich in carbs (low in fat and fiber so […]

Finding Peace Within Yourself

November 16, 2011


Sometimes life can be strange.  Things can happen that we just don’t understand (at least for now).  Sometimes good stuff.  Sometimes not so good stuff.  (appears bad but may actually be good in the long run).  We just may not see that in the moment.  That is life.  Lots of stuff.  Good stuff.  Bad stuff.  Stuff, stuff, stuff.  […]

The Test – Chapter 3 and Chapter 4

November 15, 2011


Chapter 3 Roger sat perched in his chair.  His corner office on the 20th floor of Pharm Corp was sweet.  Everything was perfectly arranged, including Roger.  A professionally pressed shirt, new pleated trousers, and a hand-picked tie to match.  Not a wrinkle in sight.  Roger looked good and played the corporate game well.  He was the best researcher […]

Chapter One and Two of The Test

November 14, 2011


My book The Test is done…Yay!  So I would like to share the first two chapters with you.  Suspense.  Diabetes.  Life.  Hope you like it.  And if you know any interested agents or publishers, let me know…. chapter 1 No!  Misha started sprinting.  No!  Panic.  Fear.  Death.  No!  Misha could barely breathe.  A tsunami was […]

Nothing Stops This Type 1 Diabetic. So Inspirational.

September 29, 2011


The Diabetic Online Community is so wonderful.  Through the DOC, I have met so many amazing diabetics, parents of diabetics, physicians, and lots and lots of other great people.  One of those terrific people is Roddy Riddle.  A 43 year old man who is passionate about diabetes, biking, and running.  He ran the London Marathon […]